I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.


It’s hard to argue with Thomas Jefferson. This quote seems like an appropriate start to this thirty one day endeavor. I am hopeful that it extends far beyond thirty one days. The most difficult part of any change in life is generally the first step or stage in the process, and I think that applies doubly to goals of a physical nature. I always find that while I’m on the bike in spin class at 6 in the morning I feel fantastic, but I dread that whole getting out of bed at 5:15 part in order to get there.

Routine is something for which I strive, and I really admire it in other people. I have taken some small steps (like organizing my exercise clothes into “gym” and “running” categories) that should help keep me going. Basically, I’m trying to remove any obstacle that might become an excuse to skip a workout.

Earlier this evening I registered for the LSAT (June 8th. Eeeep!!). I have almost a year left at OSU, so it will be a while yet before that part of my adventure starts but it’s still exciting. This is my personal struggle – balancing a full time work schedule with a full time school schedule and making time for family and friends. Not that it’s a unique struggle, but it is definitely a struggle! The picture on this blog is a perfect example. I signed up for my first full marathon in Tacoma WA, thinking I would step it up and train like crazy and do really well because I signed up about ten months before the race. Well, I did not do well. I barely finished and could have quit at the slightest suggestion. I simply had to let something slide during the months before the race and for reality’s sake it couldn’t be my job or my education so it had to be my training. I finished that marathon and the vacation that followed was amazing, but it will always remind me of the importance of those first few steps and sticking to a solid training routine.

Getting down a solid routine now, when it’s relatively quiet in my life will serve me well for the rest of my work/school journey. Looking forward to the next thirty one days and beyond.


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