Day 3 – Vegan in Tulsa


Tulsa is a really great town. It’s green, it’s friendly, and the layout is so incredibly simple that it will ruin you for other cities. Seriously, it’s this amazing grid system where streets are in alphabetical order and numbered streets get smaller as you travel North and larger as you travel South. The highways can get you anywhere you need to go in no time, and while the public transportation is a bit underwhelming, there really isn’t much need for it because Tulsa just isn’t all that huge.

We have beautiful parks, a stunning Art Deco downtown and a really fantastic museum presence. We have tons of festivals all year long, and there are a lot of really talented local artists who create beautiful paintings, sculptures and music. We have the best gas stations on the planet. Quik Trip is the only place I go for gas and snacks. I know people who eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at QT. Healthy people, not just weird gas station sammich eaters.

As a vegan…Tulsa can be a little disappointing. It’s better now than it was a few years ago, definitely. However, in a city of several hundred thousand, there are maybe five restaurants that consistently serve vegan options. Now, those few exceptions are outstanding. If it weren’t for places like Chimera, Samana, The Tropical, and Lanna Thai we simply wouldn’t eat out.

When the NMA running groups were started, I’m pretty sure I was the only person in Tulsa who expressed interest. I’m glad one got started in OKC but I’m kind of bummed that Tulsa missed out. We have a vegetarian society, so I guess we’re not completely behind. Aside from the food issue – finding anything else vegan can be a challenge. I love supporting local business, but find I often have to turn to places like Whole Foods for things like toothpaste and deodorant just because they are generally impossible to find at local places.

First world problems, right? When I first became vegan and wasn’t all that concerned about the deeper ethical issues that I now feel, it wasn’t as big of a deal. Now it’s difficult to just accept that my lifestyle is the one that’s rare. I sometimes have to just shake my head and force my thoughts elsewhere when I am confronted with the reality of living where I do. I just hope that one day soon, my lifestyle is not such an outlier.


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