Day 4 – Compliments


Compliments are funny little things. Sometimes they’re just everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to remember the last time one made an appearance. Their worth seems to evolve as I get older. I remember being told I resembled Cameron Diaz when I was a bit (quite a bit, really, which is sad considering I think we’re the same age!) younger and that always made my day. I always said it was because of the big goofy smile I can’t seem to control.

In more recent years I have noticed that I no longer get all that flattered when people compliment for things like that, but when a friend tells me that I’m a great friend, it can make my entire week go better. It sounds so trite to say that our priorities shift and we mature as we age, but there is definitely some truth to that. Don’t get me wrong – if people tell me that I look like a gorgeous celebrity I’m fine with that, but hearing that my efforts as a friend are appreciated is a much more rewarding feeling.

My goals in life are very different now than they were ten years ago. I have a sort of plan mapped out for the rest of my education. I’m trying to be really good at my job even though it has little to nothing to do with my future, and the boyfriend and I are planning to explore the world starting in a couple years. Ten years ago I was mostly concerned with cashing my paycheck so that I could buy cigarettes and go out with friends. Crazy how things change.

Point is, compliments that are sincere acknowledgment of work I’ve made to become a healthier and happier person are the best. Right behind the song by Collective Soul.


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