Day 8 – Stream of Consciousness


Long and boring day. Work was painfully slow, and I absolutely could not wait to get home. I immediately took the Monster for a walk, which is the highlight of his day. He’s so sweet when we get home that it makes the freezing temps we endure seem like nothing. Which reminds me, I need to get a reflective vest for these dark walks. I have a head lamp, a blinking light on my gloves, and an LED leash for the boy, but I feel like I’m not as visible as I could be from the back. Overkill? Maybe. I just can’t handle the thought of this precious boy not being visible since he’s so inky black.

I had planned on tackling that yoga dvd again so that I could show Jillian Michaels that I ain’t afeard of her, but maybe she scares me. I’m still sore from yesterday. We’re going to count the thirty minutes I got outside with the boy as exercise. Which they really are. He doesn’t dilly dally out there.

I ordered the NINE books I will need for the semester that begins on Monday. Nine books for three classes. I remember the good old days when each class has ONE. Maybe two if the instructor was a real tool. But nine. I have to read nine books. And I like reading. It makes me feel warm and centered and happy to curl up in a comfy chair with a book and a cup of coffee. This is just nuts, though. This is when I panic and start thinking about how I’ll never be able to run, exercise, write, go to school and work, study for the LSAT, maintain a healthy relationship with the boyfriend, and not have my life absolutely suck. This is why I can’t sleep at night even though I’m exhausted, and I wind up sleeping through all the gym classes that I’d really like to go to. And then THAT starts the whole cycle over again, because how am I going to keep anything else going well in my life if I can’t maintain my health by going to the gym??

Ok. I’m going to sleep now. Before the crazy really gets going!


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