Day 13: Yay for Sunshine!


This is the thirteenth day in a row that I have run or gone to the gym. Every single day, I have managed to get it together and get it done. Today I even ran at work. Last night was a late one and there was no way I was making an early gym class, so I brought my gear to work and ran on my lunch break. First time ever! I always thought you had to be a whole different level of dedicated than I could even dream of to run at work. Turns out you just have to be organized! And you should probably bring a towel. Just because the office has a locker room doesn’t mean it has towels.

It was fantastic to get out in the middle of the day and soak up some winter sunshine. I was worried that I would feel worn out after, but I do believe it has seriously boosted my energy. This is a very good thing, since I have class with the long winded professor this evening.


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