Sicky Sick Sickypants


I got sick over Thanksgiving. Then around new year’s. Then yesterday.

I am a pretty healthy person. I run, I spin, I eat WAY healthier than most people. I try to think happy thoughts and not hold grudges and do my best be a positive force in the universe. Apparently the universe thinks I’m a jerk.

Everyone in my office has been or is currently sick with some flu-like viciousness that will not relent. My coworker (she sits right next to me, separated by a common table) was sick, and I think we’ve been passing it back and forth. I missed a day of work because of it, she’s missed a day or two because of it.

My wonderful boyfriend is sick. He is staying home today for the third day in a row. He went to the doctor and was told he does not have the flu or strep, but here’s a Z Pack (that’s not a fanny pack full of sleeping pills, as I thought originally).

I skipped class yesterday evening because I really want to keep my sicky germs to myself, and the thought of sitting through a three hour lecture while having to step out to blow my nose every 15 minutes sounded awful. So I stopped at Walgreens and got medicine, went home and took said medicine and was asleep by 8.

Speaking of Walgreens, they card you when you purchase Nyquil. But only if they think you might be forty. Anyone younger than forty gets carded, but they have to make that judgment. I know this because the two employees had a very vocal back and forth trying to determine my age before one of them asked to see my ID. I’m glad they decided to ask for it, but I’m not sure that I needed to feel old on top of feeling snotty, congested, achy, tired and grumpy. Not that forty is old. But it is older than I am.

Anyway, it’s time for everyone to stop being sick. We’re all tired of it. Let’s move on, shall we?