#20 – Top Ten Reasons to Run at Work


Lunch time running is a newfound love of mine. I always thought it was something that I just didn’t have time for. The idea of getting down to the locker room, getting changed, running, getting cleaned up and reassembled for work just seemed impossible. However, I quit wearing makeup about a year ago and I work in a casual office that is in easy walking distance of a lovely urban running path. So since I go to class after work three days a week and can’t run after class or in between work and class, and don’t want to get up super early to run after getting home late from class, these three weekdays are my lunch run days! Here’s my list of the top ten reasons I think it’s awesome:

1. It’s so beautiful outside. Today I saw a squirrel hanging out in the very top of a tree. I watched Cardinals and Blue jays and birds I couldn’t name just frolicking around. Yes, frolicking.

2. Sunlight. Maybe not full blown sunshine, but there’s something healing about getting out in the middle of the day in the winter. It’s not dark, it might even be sunny, and if it’s cold it’s probably still the warmest part of the day.

3. Air. Even in the city, outside air beats office air any day.

4. Sights. People, animals, nature, houses, just all sorts of things to look at besides the computer monitor.

5. Motivation. Only having about thirty minutes to run makes me run harder and really get a good workout.

6. Rejuvenation. I’ll work until 6 pm and then go to class from 7:20 until 10:00, drive home and get there at about 10:20. This mid day run helps me stay alert and cheerful throughout that whole long process. It’s like getting an injection of endorphins in the middle of the day.

7. Superiority. What did your co-workers do for lunch? You might keep this reason to yourself.

8. Showers. I love hot showers. Love them. Getting to take one in the middle of the day…for free…on a cold day? Yes please.

9. Reinforcement. This jaunt outside makes it easier to resist the fully stocked snack cabinet in my office. It’s great that free food is just around, but it’s not healthy. Knowing I’ve done something healthy for lunch makes it easier to pretend there aren’t any Nutterbutters or Oreos in that kitchen.

10. Time. I don’t have to worry about getting up early tomorrow. I don’t have to worry about squeezing in a run somewhere else. The run is done, man!

I’m sure there are more, but these are the ten that leap to mind for me!